The academic world is becoming so competitive that parents are looking for a way to give their kids an edge over other children so that they can have access to the best opportunities out there.

Schools often do not account for the fact that every student has a different learning capability, they provide every child with the same generic lesson which often means that a lot of students will be left behind.

Home tutoring is a perfect way for parents to ensure that their kids are not one of those left behind by the apathetic educational system. It is also a seamless way for tuition to be delivered straight to kids in the comfort of their homes which is sometimes the only certain way to ensure that kids get quality education.

Home tuition eliminates the extra time spent commuting to coaching centres or the time parents waste waiting for their kids to complete their sessions at the coaching centres. It is extremely convenient for both parents and students and makes the students feel more at ease since they will be learning on their turf.

With home tuition, the lesson plan is tailored specifically to suit the student with an emphasis on the subjects and concepts which the child needs help with. The tutor devotes time and attention to the student and together they work as a team to get the student’s grade up.

Since home tutoring is often done one-on-one, there are lesser distractions and this provides a comfortable learning environment for the student. Besides, students who often hesitate to ask questions in a large classroom or coaching centres will greatly benefit from home tuition as they will have no reason to be nervous.

Just as it will be easier for the student to ask the tutor questions during home tuition, it will also be easier for a tutor to dwell on a question until the student fully understands the answer provided. In school and coaching centres, teachers and tutors are more likely to give a generic answer and move on to the next topic once a good proportion of the class seems to understand.  Home tuition, therefore, allows the tutor to provide detailed feedback for the student before moving on to the next topic.

Furthermore, a home tutor is more likely to apply new study techniques while teaching the student. For subjects like maths where a concept can have multiple solving techniques, a home tutor will be more inclined to demonstrate the several methods of solving one problem till the student becomes fluid with the methods.

Home tuition provides the opportunity for tutors and parents to discuss the child’s progress. This allows parents to keep track and be actively involved in the child’s studies and homework.