The term “tutoring” often drums up images of driving a child up to tutoring centres or having a stranger come into the home to spend the next hour working on a particular subject with the child to boost up the child’s grade. Although these methods have proven benefits, they are often time-consuming, invasive and costly.

With the innovation of technology, the time wasted while a parent waits for a child to be done with private tuition and the time, energy and resources the home tutor spends while journeying to the student’s house can be saved.

Online tutoring is a convenient and revolutionary way to impact knowledge. More people have recently been opting for online tutors rather than physical ones. Although many are still sceptical about it, many benefits can be gotten from online lessons.

1. Flexibility

With physical tutoring, both tutor and student have to find a time when they can both be free to work. This sometimes means that the lessons cannot occur during certain times of the day. With online tuition, students and tutors can decide to work at any time of the day since there will be no need to commute anywhere as both parties can take and receive the lessons at home.

2. Most Convenient

Not necessarily having to commute anywhere to take or receive tuition makes this the most convenient method of receiving tuition. Thanks to this, students can get access to the exact tutor they want without any constraints without having to settle for the closest they can find.

3. Familiar Medium

Although some parents find the idea of learning through the internet bizarre, this is second nature to children. Students are constantly on FaceTime and Skype thus, the idea of learning through video chats is not unfamiliar to them.

4. Easy Resource Sharing

Online learning makes sharing resources extremely easy. With apps like Dropbox, resources such as syllabus notes, case study materials, sample questions, practice questions and so on can be shared. Also, links to diagrams and articles can easily be shared.

Online tuition allows the easy sharing of tutorial videos, statistical websites and images used during sessions. This accompanied by the screen sharing feature makes learning extremely effective and makes it easy to explain complex concepts.

5. Reduces the Spread of Illnesses

Reducing human contact helps to reduce the spread of diseases. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced a lot of people to attempt to reduce human contact as much as possible and for this reason; many people are relying more and more on online learning to impact and gain knowledge.

6. Easy to Revise

Each session can be recorded and saved with all of the materials and links as a PDF and students can come back to them while revising.