At Teach Book, we strive to please both students and parents. You can be sure to get a delightful experience with our trained tutors and a very satisfying result in the end. See what contented parents had to say.

My daughter’s attitude to school has completely changed since we got a tutor and even her grade 6 teacher noticed as she has significantly improved in her application to her studies. The Tutor we got has been a positive influence on my daughter and she now looks forward to her sessions.

Mary B.

The tutor assigned was a perfect personality and academic match with my high-schooler and had very swift and solid communication.

Angela M.

My daughter got a very delightful, knowledgeable and approachable tutor, I could not be happier with the experience. The tutor had friendly but effective, professional communication and my daughter enjoyed all of her sessions.

Elizabeth W.

We have two boys and the tutor we got has been quite fantastic with them. Their enjoyment and understanding of maths have improved greatly since they started their sessions with the tutor. Our eldest is now more confident in his approach to maths and a lot of conflict relating to homework and underperformance has been resolved. I recommend this tutoring service.

Cath D.

Our children have bonded so well with their tutor despite their different temperaments. Both of them testified to enjoying the tutoring sessions and reported gaining equal value from the tutor. I highly recommend getting a tutor for your kids.

Ama D.

My son’s marks have improved greatly from his last result; he feels more confident and understands maths much better now. This makes him very happy, he has requested to keep working with his tutor and we will request the service again next year.

Nicole F.

Our tutor is a pleasure to have in our home, thanks to her, my son has improved in maths; his confidence has also grown in the subject. I highly recommend this service.

Christina K.

Our tutor has been a blessing to my daughter who developed a fear of maths that was causing a lot of stress and arguments in our home. Ever since we got a tutor, however, she has started putting in the extra work and no longer panics at the mention of the subject. She received an A+ in her last maths test and it’s all thanks to our tutor who has gone over and above my greatest expectations.

Susan V.

I highly recommend this tutoring service as a parent. Our tutor has not just been a positive role model but also a mentor. My girl is now back on track just as I wished and thanks to the tutor, she is more disciplined and willing to push past academic difficulties.

Andrea C.