Recent research reported that only about 54% of Australian children achieved national proficiency standard; this means that a good proportion of Australian students struggle with maths.

It can be frustrating for both child and parents when the child struggles with maths as most times parents do not have the time, skill or patience to effectively tutor the subject. In a situation like this, hiring a maths tutor is usually the best option.

Whether a physical or an online maths tutor is selected, one thing a child will surely benefit from is one-on-one attention. School teachers unintentionally neglect some children while attempting to cater for a host of other students and keep up with their strict lesson plans. Besides, most school teachers do not have the time to specially identify which concepts a child is failing to understand and this usually means that the neglected kids will be left behind in class and may end up with very low maths scores.

A maths tutor will not only identify which areas are difficult for the child, but they will also design their lesson plans to suit the child’s learning capability. A child with a tutor can never be left behind as the success of each session depends largely on the level of understanding the child has achieved.

Tutoring takes the pressure off the child. In school, each quiz, homework and exam is counted towards a final grade but tutoring sessions, on the other hand, allow the child to take mock tests and assignments in a pressure-free state. This enables the child to build confidence, experiment with formulas and generally learn excitingly and enjoyably. Children who are usually too nervous to ask questions in class also get the chance to ask their tutors questions during the sessions.

Children who want to stay ahead of the class can get tutoring over the holidays, this will ensure that the difficult concept learnt during the school year will stay freshly in their minds and they will have no difficulty in the next school year. Also, children who have recently changed schools can benefit from having a tutor. The pressure associated with adjusting to a new school is hard enough and so, having a tutor can help the child to catch up with new concepts which they may not have learnt at their old school.

All of these will boost up the child’s exam scores and ultimately set the child up for larger and more important standardised exams in future.

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