Most parents and guardians are looking for new ways to engage their children and enable them to fit into the type of jobs available in the 21st century and recent research lists programming as one of the top careers of the future.

Enhancing your child’s interests in programming from an early age will give them an edge over other children. It also prepares them for the future; in this digital age, children need to understand and work with the technology around them and promoting an early start allows them to do so.

Fortunately, New South Wales has made coding compulsory for all primary school children. The State also made a coding language a requirement for students in years 7 and 8. This was done to give children a better understanding of scientific concepts and methods so that they will be better prepared for more sophisticated science and programming techniques taught at high school. Coding is a great way for kids to pursue their interests in computer science and technology as it promotes creativity and builds up their maths skills.

In addition, coding is a type of language and learning a new language teaches children how to communicate and think logically. Each alphabet in the English language is represented by a unique formula of 0s and 1s which directs the technology around us. Giving children the ability to acquire this language will allow them to communicate and operate the technology around them.

There are many different programming languages for children to learn and sometimes it may be difficult for the child to decide on which to learn, here are however 3 languages that are best for children to start with.

1. Python

Python is a programming language that is written entirely in the English Language. The language is written so well that a learner will usually need little to no comments to decipher the meaning of the codes.

It is the best language for children to begin with as it allows them to get a basic grasp on how to think like a programmer.

2. Ruby

This language uses the most self-explanatory codes and allows children and other beginners to quickly understand the concept of programming.

3. Java

Although Java is a bit harder than Ruby and Python, deciding to begin your child’s programming journey with Java will enable them to easily understand any programming language they decide to learn in the future.

Students however sometimes have trouble understanding the novel concept of coding or other times, need extra coding lessons due to the limited lesson plans found in most schools.

In this case, parents and guardians will need to hire a tutor. A tutor will teach new techniques, enhance their interests in a way that the school’s lessons plans may not be able to and ensure that the kids have the chance to understand the language properly rather than just getting an A+.

Our highly skilled programming tutors at Teach Book are available to guide your kids through their coding journey. Contact us to get started and we will offer you a list of suitable tutors.