How to Plan for a High Mark in Maths

Maths exams can be unnerving and most students even believe that knowing how to do well in maths is an innate talent that cannot be learnt. This is however untrue as anyone can do well in the subject with the right strategies.

Below are 5 tips to help you increase your chances of making an “A” on your next maths paper.

1. Do Your Homework

Many students put off doing homework and this hurts their chances of passing the exams. Homework is given to keep you thinking about what you have been taught, it allows you to explore the topic further than you were taught and also helps to understand the topic better. Maths requires constant practice to master and doing homework gives you the chance to keep practising.

2. Pay Attention

Paying attention allows you to retain the information provided by the teacher. Avoiding distractions from friends and focusing on the lessons will be very beneficial when the time comes to recollect the information. Taking notes while in class and ensuring to attend every class is also very important.

3. Ask Questions

Asking questions is an important part of learning. Unlike a textbook, a teacher will respond to any questions you have and may even backtrack to explain a part of the lecture that may have confused you.

Although asking your questions in class will benefit the whole class, some students get too nervous to ask questions in the presence of the whole class, these students can meet the teacher after the class to get answers. A good teacher will be open to answering all of your questions.

4. Get a Study Partner

A study partner will motivate you to keep to your study schedules and make practising for tests less daunting. Besides, they can assist you in taking notes and can even explain the things you missed on days when you have to be unavoidably absent from class.

A study partner will also make studying fun as you are less likely to get bored if you study with someone else. It is important however to pick a person who has the same study goals as you to partner with so as not to be drawn back or distracted while studying.

5. Get a Tutor

A tutor gives you the individualised attention that you will not get in a crowded classroom and the opportunity to learn in a comfortable, risk-free environment. Having a tutor will help establish a comfortable study routine which can help to boost confidence, self-esteem and discipline. Furthermore, maths tutors can give extra tips on different ways to solve a problem.

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